Concrete repair

Concrete Repair Services offer by Remcon Constructions Group

Concrete repair

Concrete deterioration can be a leading cause of many structural and non-structural problems within a structure. Concrete exposed to atmospheric or environmental conditions can spall or develop concrete cancer. Concrete cancer causes the concrete to break away due to the steel reinforcement corroding and expelling the cover concrete away.

Quick response to concrete cancer is usually the best option, as if left untreated, extensive structural instability will eventually result leaving the owner with a significantly greater repair bill.

Concrete repair services offer by Remcon Constructions Group include repair of concrete spalling, render repair, treatment or replacement of corroded concrete, cathodic protection and epoxy injection.

We are experienced with rapid setting polymer modified products for use in floor repair. These products enable a speedy handover of the repaired area and minimal downtown disruption. This is particularly useful in warehouses, retail, hospitals and any facility that requires constant access.

Typical solutions of concrete repair are:

  • Cementitious Concrete Repairs
  • Epoxy Resin / Mortar Repairs
  • Crack repairs using full depth epoxy resin injection
  • Installation of Cathodic protection being Hybrid or Impressed Current.
  • Application of Protective Coatings
  • Repairs to Steel Reinforcements.
  • Dry and Wet Spray shotcreting

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