3D Visualisation & NDT

Full service and equipment hire for non-destructive testing of concrete structures

3d Visualization Scanning & Non-destructive Testing

Remcon provides both a full service and equipment hire for non-destructive testing of concrete structures. We use ground penetrating radar equipment for locating anything encapsulated within the concrete including reinforcement, post tensioning ducting, electrical cabling and voids. Our units also can test for concrete cover and reo thickness.

The PS1000 delivers clear 2D and 3D images of objects concealed in concrete. The system enables non-destructive inspection of concrete slabs and structures. The PS1000 uses pulse radar technology and is able to locate various types of objects embedded within concrete including post tensioning strand, conventional reinforcement and mesh, metal and plastic pipes, glass fibre cables and electrical cabling and cavities.

Our PS 1000 X-Scan is designed to produce large-area images of what’s inside concrete structures. The system consists of a hand-guided scanner with colour display, a portable monitor unit for on-site use plus professional PC software for image evaluation and data management.

The system is able to scan to depths of up to 300mm, even where layers overlap. Immediate analysis of the scans is possible as the objects are shown in 2D plan view or cross sectional view directly on the X-Scan display. With the aid of the PSA 100 monitor, scans of objects can be shown as 3D images for even easier on-the-spot interpretation.

This makes it easy to find and mark reliable drilling locations and therefore avoid costly damage to services within the concrete and also eliminate safety risks caused by hitting re-bars, pipes and cables. The position of reinforcing bars, baskets and tensioning tendons can be found quickly and easily and marked at the time of scanning. Alternatively the data can be recorded for precise analysis back in the office.

Remcon is able to provide a complete service of scanning, locating and marking the embedded objects and tendon truncating if required.

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