Concrete Injection

Concrete injection including subsurface repair and surface repair

Concrete Injection

New and innovative solutions for the treatment of structural and non-structural crack repairs.

Precise rectification requires a highly complex understanding of the condition of the structural or buildings defects. Such thorough investigation requires highly skilled experts, with market leading products and application. Remcon pride ourselves on the level of technical knowledge and varied hands on experience that place our team second to none, ensuring we develop the best solution to any problem.

Over the years, new and innovative solutions have been designed for the treatment of structural and non-structural crack repairs, these new methodologies provide superior protection to steel reinforcements and ensure structural integrity with regards to re-bonding the two interfaces of a crack.
REMCON utilises only superior resins for its injection systems, whether it be epoxy resin or hydrophilic injection requirement’s, REMCON assures the highest standard of quality.

Remcon can undertake the full range of concrete crack repair including subsurface repair and surface repair. Depending on the circumstances of the particular remedial works required Remcon can apply its experience and knowledge of polyurethane injection, epoxy injection, ultrafine cementitious injection or the use of crystalline products to determine the most appropriate solution. We regularly review new technologies and products in the market in order to ensure we provide the most superior remedial outcomes.

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