Structural Strengthening

bring a structure back to life

Structural Strengthening

Strengthening a structure allows it to be brought back to life and have the ability to continue its current use or change its use due to its added strength. Remcon Constructions utilises Carbon Fibre for its strengthening works and our highly skilled team has mastered the art of it application allowing minimal disruption to its current usage purposes.

Through many reasons whether it’s, poorly constructed, change of use or simply deterioration, Structural Strengthening could potentially be a solution for an existing structure that is no longer able to withstand currently loads being imposed or designed to be imposed upon through redevelopment

REMCON is a preferred contractor by many manufactures & suppliers to install this system for you.

Many of REMCON employees have years of experience installing Carbon and Aramid Fibres in many diverse situations.

Common strengthening works include:

  • Carbon Fibre Laminate Installation
  • Fabric Reinforced Fibre Installation
  • Structural Steel Fabrication & Installation Works
  • Structural Grouting
  • Slab Jacking using Cementitious Products
  • Temporary Propping Installation

We wish to advise, through recent testing, we are now able to adhere Carbon Fibre Laminate directly to the soffit of Bondeck or Condeck types of construction, eliminating the costly exercise of removing this prior to completion of your project

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