3d Scanning & Structural Gouting To Fill Voids


 3d Scanning & Structural Gouting To Fill Voids

3d Scanning & Structural Gouting To Fill Voids

The owners and builders of a remote property in regional Victoria recently contacted REMCON Constructions to assist with some construction issues they were facing. The structure is a residential property which is partially submerged into the embankment of a remote hillside.

REMCON were engaged to undertake 3D scanning of the block work to determine the size and location of the voids present and then install a structural micro-fine cement to fill the voids.

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  • Construction

    During the construction stage of the works, the core filling of the block work was undertaken by others but unfortunately did not fill the entirety of the voids due to steel reinforcements and the type of grout mix used.

  • Filling all voids

    The works were undertaken and some 400 litres of grout placed filling all voids to return the structure back to it’s original design capacity.

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