Monash Childrens Hospital


Monash Childrens Hospital

REMCON Constructions were contacted by Lend lease to assist with the supply and placement of a concrete slab to house a significant water tank facility at the new Monash Children’s Hospital.

This challenge was the short turn around period of 4 days prior to the long weekend which would enable sufficient curing of the slab before placement of the water structure post return from the break.

The steel work consist of N16 deformed Reinforcements at typical 125mm centers, top and bottom matt.

The base slab was 18.0mtrs x 18.0mtrs in size with approx. 19.2 ton of
steel reinforcements.

The team worked well to achieve an outstanding result of installing this in 3 days prior to engineers inspecting and providing a full sign off to enable to the pour to proceed without delay.

Saturday Morning at 0700hrs the concrete trucks commenced arriving, with 85m3 installed by 10:30am the guys then worked on rebates and monolithic finish required.

At 1400hrs the hessian was being installed over the completed ground slab and the curing compounds being applied to the
finished slab.

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