Hexion Chemicals


Hexion Chemicals

REMCON Constructions were very pleased to continue our involvement with Hexion Chemicals by securing a 3rd contract to undertake concrete remediation works at their facility at Deer Park.

All contracts have been undertaken during the annual scheduled shutdown period which takes place during the Christmas holiday period.

The contracts ran 24/7 from the 18th December through to 12th January

The scope of works included undertaking a number of concrete remediation works consisting of major slab replacements, epoxy crack injection and crack sealing using polyurethane sealants, fabrication of 2 new effluent containment pits, chemical resistant liners

The first item on the agenda was to remove major areas of damaged concrete that required replacement. The existing concrete slabs were no longer able to adequately support the transport vehicles often weighing in excess of 25tonne due to sinking, cracking and major undulation.

We utilised two 13tonne excavators to remove all the concrete as well as a further 500mm of existing subgrade to ensure appropriate compaction of new material installed.

All waste was transported to the rear of the facility to be treated prior to disposal.

Works began installing 99tonne of new fine crushed rock, compacted with a 2tonne pad foot roller. All areas of unsound compaction in the existing subgrade to a depth of 1.5mtr were also removed and replaced with new subgrade.

N20 dowell bars were also installed to tie the new slab to the existing.

2mm Poly plastic was laid and all reinforcements installed as per design. All works were then inspected by Infracorr Consulting and signed off ready to pour

Two Connelly joints were installed at even centres along the drive way to ensure controlled cracking.

The large areas were now ready for concrete which was poured on the 21st December, 48hrs after setting up onsite.

During this period, REMCON also undertook 250 lineal metre of epoxy injection works, crack sealing via use of polyurethane and several areas of minor concrete repairs.

With a successful outcome achieved in the prior year, REMCON demonstrated we were able to co-ordinate and deliver our works in line with the strict program requirements and high safety and quality expectations of our client.

Prior to works commencing on site on the 21st December 2016, REMCON Constructions, designed &

constructed a precast twin cell purposed built lime dosing pit.

The design was carried out by Infracorr consulting (Requirements), Geoff Nixon and Associates (Structural) and Cassaform (Formworks & Systems).

The New 12 tonne prefabricated dosing pit was to be installed into an existing effluent pit on site. Lifting and transportation was arranged by REMCON with the pit required to be transported to its final resting place on site some 20kms away.

Works had already commenced on site, preparing the existing pit to accept the new precast dosing pit. New walls were added, existing single cell pits demolished and walls patched to ensure a seamless fit between new and old, stainless steel brackets are cored and epoxied anchored and all areas left overnight to cure.

Upon completion of the installation of the prefabricated pit, the entire effluent pit including the new dosing pit was high pressure water blasted using 5000Psi to prepare the concrete for coating. In addition to the effluent pit, an additional 500m2+ was prepared and coated using the Sika Australia 63N chemical resistant coating.

The main dosing section of the new pit also had a 4mm stainless steel liner installed and grouted into position to ensure long term durability.

All works were completed ahead of schedule once again and handed back to Hexion prior to the new year break.

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