Chum Creek Water Tank Refurbishment


Chum Creek Water Tank Refurbishment

REMCON Constructions tendered for the remediation works at Chum Creek in April of 2014, and were sucessfully awarded this project later that month by Simpson Constructions Company.

Documented by MWH, a thorough investigation was undertaken and comprehensive reports scheduling all items requiring repair and proposed methodolgies for the repairs were completed.

In early June 2014, works commenced on site involving undertaking various Xypex repairs and Sika Australia waterproofing.

The first stages of this works consisted of high pressure water plasting of the entire structure to remove all latent contaminents from the surface to allow a full survey to determine actual locations of the repairs.Works then began breaking out all unsound concrete exposing the crack / defect, with a phographic survey taken for each stage of the project.

Upon clarifictaion of each stage of the works, the site teams then repaired the defects using Xypex Australia Repair mortars and Crystaline growth materials as documented. This below photograph shows the slurry being applied prior to repairs being installed. Ensuring cover to all exposed reinforcments are a fundamental part of the repair process. Minimum 10mm saw cut edges are also required when undertaking any concrete repairs.

The below photograph outlines the compaction of the repair mortar prior to final fill of the location, voids between bars and mortars can lead to catastrophic failure when undertaking repair works, this can cause water ingress and further corrosion and also weakness in strength and/or intergirty of a structural repair. Ensuring to match all existing surroundings is imperative to minimise the disprutive appearance of the general nauture of concrete repairs.

Internally, all the wall floor joints were also repaired using Xypex Australia Products.

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