82 & 88 Maling Road Canterbury


82 & 88 Maling Road Canterbury

REMCON Constructions were contacted by Infracorr Consulting to undertake the remediation of 2 heritage buildings on Maling Road in Canterbury.

The parapets, string courses and decorative features had corroded over the years and were showing signs of structural weakness including dislodgment and failure at fixing points. REMCON Constructions accompanied by Infracorr were able to find a solution in keeping with the heritage façade which was cost effective for the asset owners.

Works commenced in August 2014 removing all the unsound and dislodged brickwork and string courses. All corroded lintels were removed and feature ornaments secured using a new purpose designed stainless steel fixing detail. New 100mm x 100mm galvanized lintels were installed and work began bricking the iconic roof line of buildings. All mortars and bricks were installed by qualified bricklayers in accordance with heritage guidelines.

Upon completion of the brickwork there is no visible difference between the original construction and the reformed structure completed by REMCON. Final touches are installed with the brickworks and render commences to re-create the original appearance of this landmark building. The original moulding’s and string courses were in a deteriorated state upon attendance to site, these were taken away with upmost care, deconstructed and then cast to recreate the exact original piece from the early 1900’s. These pieces were then cured in a controlled environment and removed from their casts. They were then carefully transported to site and installed using and purpose designed chemically anchoring system for this project.

All anchors were of grade 316 stainless steel and recessed to hide all fixing details through the main façade. Final cementitious fairing coats were then applied to the entire area to ensure uniformity between all the original retained ornaments and those which have been restored. This would then enable REMCON to apply protective coatings to ensure long term durability of the structure.Application of protective coating were then applied to the parapet walls and all surrounding areas disturbed during the construction phase.

All imperfections in the decorative features were also repaired by hand which allows a uniform texture across the entire façade. All cracks were cut out and repaired and joint re-sealed using elastomeric polyurethane sealants. All timber windows were also repaired, sanded primed and re-painted. Some of the timber required replacement and beading / putty works carried out by hand.

Upon completion of the timber windows, the entire façade was washed down and neutralized to ensure an excellent bond for the new coatings. The final prime coats and anti-carbonating elastomeric top coats are applied via ropes access to ensure a long term protection of the entire structure.

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